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7Link is a platform that allows you to automate, accelerate
and facilitate the publication of sponsored articles.
The process itself is incredibly simple, and the interface is intuitive.

Competitive prices

We have been operating in the market for nearly 20 years. During this time, we have been able to establish a high standard of client service and procedures that enable the improvement of communication, publication and reporting processes.

Our strong partnerships with publishers enable us to offer competitive pricing for publications. This makes cooperation with us not only effective, but also enjoyable.

In creating the 7Link platform, we used our extensive experience in advertiser-publisher relationships and expert SEO knowledge. Our virtual advisor, powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, significantly enhances the search for optimal publication websites within specific cases and budget constraints, saving you valuable time.

The database of 10,000 websites

The 7Link database includes thousands of publishers and their websites. These are media outlets of various sizes, directed at diverse target audiences. This allows them to flexibly choose the communication channels that best match their content, while also taking cost into consideration.

We provide an optimal Link Building process for companies operating in both local and nationwide markets.

Ways of publication

Manual Publication

Sponsored articles are currently recognized as one of the most effective sources of links for improving a website's search engine position.
They are extensively used by growing websites.

AI-Supported Publication

Begin with simple steps


Registration in the application


Adding data

client, project, campaign, texts and photos


Choosing websites

based on specified filters such as industry, region, target audience profile, number of links, publication cost


Specifying desired website parameters

imported by the platform from Ahrefs, Senuto, Semstorm, and Majestic


Adding selected websites

to the shopping cart


Making a one-time payment

from the account balance or choosing deferred payment (for regular clients)

How do sponsored articles differ from traditional advertising?

They are less intrusive and more subtle in conveying their message. Additionally, they can also provide a broader range of knowledge and information, not solely focusing on the product. Compared to classical advertising, they can also have a longer life cycle, remaining on websites for literal years, which further enhances their value in the eyes of advertisers and readers.

These factors make sponsored articles a very important element in building a company’s marketing strategy, enhancing brand awareness, and establishing a strong market position.

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