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and generate profits

We cooperate with website and online store owners, freelancers and SEO agencies. All of them need a place where they can publish content that allows them to build a website’s position in search results. All of them need a channel through which they can reach potential clients. All of them need you, the publishers. Thanks to you, they can reach countless audiences, create marketing strategies and execute business plans.

Our platform, 7Link, is for you. We connect both sides, offering an efficient service and possibility of cooperation on various levels, which translates into cost savings.

What do you need
to do to reach advertisers
with your offer?

It's quite simple:


Register on the platform.


Add your website and specify its characteristics,
such as topics, region, or language.


Define technical publication rules.


Specify topics of articles
that can be published on the website.


Wait for approval by the administrator.


After receiving an article from an advertiser,
the publisher can accept or reject the article.


After publication and providing the link,
settlement occurs.

Automatically, efficiently, quickly

The platform offers advertisers the publication of sponsored articles, supported by Big Data and machine learning. Our offer is directed towards marketing agencies, freelancers, in-house marketing departments and anyone who wants to efficiently gain high-quality links. These links are made possible thanks to publishers, so we invite them to collaborate, promising the best service standards. This ensures time savings while maintaining full control over the publication process.

Publish and earn
with 7Link

One of the advantages for publishers is having a place where they can publish valuable content. Our asset is providing them with clients who deliver and pay for such content.
We are the intermediary who takes on the logistics of the entire cooperation. You set your own pricing policy, decide what content you want to publish and under what conditions.

We respect your rules and adapt to them. We provide articles that are suitable for your profile. Our database already includes several thousand cooperating websites. Join us and start and earn with us

Benefits of
cooperating with 7Link

Income stability

We guarantee clear rules of cooperation, ensuring
that valuable publications reach you.

Convenient panel and subaccounts

Ease of use and assignment of support for specific websites.

Quick payments

You issue invoices, and we process the payment.
No waiting, no reminders, no stress.

Minimal formalities

We take care of the entire publication process
and the cooperation between the publisher and the client.

Formalities on the
side of 7Link

We allow each side to focus on what they do best. This is why we leave to the publishers only the final step of the process, which is the actual publication. You won’t have to contact multiple advertisers because we take care of these formalities. We offer articles that are prepared for publication, complete with well-structured content and images. We emphasize simplicity and transparency in our cooperation. As a result, everyone wins.

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