The capabilities
of the 7Link Platform

Sponsored articles are currently recognized as one of the most effective sources of links for improving a website's search engine position.

What makes 7Link so unique?

The possibility to communicate
with the publisher via chat
inside the publication

Thanks to direct communication,
you expedite the resolution of any issues
related to publication.

Full publication automation

We accelerate and improve
processes to save your time

Support from the Service Office
or a dedicated client
support specialist

If you have a problem with the order process,
our team is at your disposal.

The ability to build your own content
database for future use

Add a database of ready-made articles
and use them as needed.

The possibility
of adding a text
to a content exchange

Don't have a copywriter?
Post a request and wait for cooperation offers.

Convenient campaign management system with templates

You set the fields and values once, and then you always have them at hand.

Convenient analysis of publisher domains based on key SEO parameters

The websites are described with parameters from Ahrefs,
Senuto, Semstorm, and Majestic, allowing for filtering and sorting options.

The ability to order texts
from selected copywriters

Order texts directly to people whose writing you
think best meets your requirements.

The possibility to create
advertiser subaccounts
for agencies wishing
to share the workload
between employees

Separate tasks, set accesses,
restrict access to settlements and reports.

Virtual positioner for those
who need AI support
in publication planning.coming soon

Use machine learning algorithms trained on SEO experts' decisions.
Support and accelerate link building, ndicating
the optimal places to publish.

domain search
for publishers through a filter system.

Take advantage
of the 7Link platform

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