Content sells. It's no wonder that in the marketing industry, the statement "Content is King" by Bill Gates is so popular. Through content, we can accomplish a wide range of objectives such as encouraging, engaging, selling, persuading, building behavioral patterns, changing preferences, and creating connections. And precisely, our agency specializes in creating such content, offering content marketing services.

Content marketing services - 7Link's offer.

According to the definition, content marketing is a long-term activity, tailored to a specific audience.  Therefore, it is not a one-time activity, but a comprehensive strategy spread over time. As a result, it’s essential for it to be well-thought-out, planned, implemented, and monitored. The second part of the definition accurately specifies the purpose of creating content, which is to provide value to potential and existing brand customers by addressing their questions, dispelling doubts, and sharing knowledge.

At 7Link, we offer services for creating content based on specific client guidelines and for planning and executing the entire content marketing strategy. We take into account the target audience, allowing us to create content that aligns with their expectations and as a result, converts better.

We can offer you:

You can use them as needed and as part of your strategy across various channels – on your own website, with external publishers, on social media, or in advertisements. Content distribution channels depend on both the preferences of the target audience and the brand’s communication strategy. What will you gain by ordering content from 7Link?

Benefits of content marketing

Good content truly matters. Depending on its nature and purpose, you can expect various effects including:

  • increased brand awareness and recognition,
  • reaching potential clients,
  • building an audience base,
  • increased loyalty and engagement,
  • promotion of new products and services,
  • creating an expert image,
  • generating and “warming up” sales leads,
  • identifying and satisfying purchase needs,
  • sales,
  • supporting SEO activities.

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