Below are answers to the most frequently
asked questions about our application

Advertisers questions

To register for the application, simply go here: https://app.7link.ai/users/sign_up and create an account.

The basic form of payment is to top up your account with a selected amount, after which an invoice is generated, and publications become possible.

For regular customers, deferred payment or debit is also possible, according to individual arrangements.

At the outset, it’s best to start by adding the client, project, and campaign. Next, add the texts and associate them with the campaign. Then, go to the website database and select the websites you are interested in for your shopping cart. Always ensure it includes all the elements you expect from the publication, such as the number of links, dofollow attributes, article durability etc. If everything is in order, click ‘add to shopping cart. Once you have chosen all the websites, proceed to your shopping cart, where you can assign the text and campaign to each website, and then continue to the payment step. This entire process can also be initiated directly from the campaign level.

Of course you can. After the publisher rejects the article, the funds for the publication are returned to your account, and the rejected text is added to the list of texts that can be send to another publisher.

The average publication time is 1 business day. However, please note that this is an average, and individual publication times may vary depending on the specific publisher. We are working on a feature to show the average publication time for each publisher to advertisers.

We always encourage our clients to plan their publications well in advance. However, we constantly monitor our clients’ orders and make every effort to intervene in situations where a client is still waiting, but there is no publication.

Yes, the client has the option to first order publications and then assign texts to them.

No, the prices of publications can’t change after ordering. The client pays the amount they ordered.

Yes, you can submit a correction to the publisher as long as the publication has not been approved. We recommend checking the offerings of the websites on which you plan to publish your article before ordering, especially parameters such as the number of links, article durability and the number of days on the homepage.

7 days. After this time, the publication is automatically accepted by the system.

Publisher questions

To add a website and an offer, simply log in, complete the website addition form and wait for administrator approval. After the admin approves the website, you can enter the offer addition form and complete it. You can add multiple offers to one website. After the administrator approves, the offer(s) will be visible to advertisers.

We can’t do the login instead of the publisher – the publisher is the person who must accept the terms and conditions and payment policy.Using passwords that are too short and easy to guess is not recommended. We recommend using passwords suggested by password management tools, like your browser.

The NIP (tax identification number) is assigned to the publisher who owns websites on their account. So, if separate NIPs are required for publication, it will be necessary to create a separate publisher account for those websites.

Cooperation by the application requires having a business, which applies to advertisers, publishers and copywriters. However, the application is constantly evolving, and if there will be a possibility of cooperation without a business, we will inform you immediately.

No, it only means consenting to such a code if an advertiser wishes to add it to an article. We don’t add our own code. Just because an offer includes consent to the code doesn’t mean that the code will be added. It is only an option.

Unfortunately, we can’t agree on overarching terms and conditions. Our platform acts as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers and both sides must accept our terms and conditions and agree to a uniform version of the terms. If there are additional conditions for cooperation, you can specify them or include them in the offer form.

The publisher sets the net price for publication. The advertiser buys the article from us as an intermediary and we are VAT-registered. VAT will be added to the final invoice for the end client.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount; however there is a limit of two withdrawals per month.

We don’t hide the fact that we prefer to work by the application. If someone else is responsible for publication (a single specialist), you can create a subaccount for them. The publisher from the main account will be able to manage finances related to publications and the person responsible for publication will have access to a panel that only allows article publication and sending reports to advertisers.

You can do this yourself. Just go to the page https://app.7link.ai/users/settings/edit, edit your email address, enter your password and click “save.”

If these accounts belong to the same NIP (same tax identification number), we can merge them.

The publisher who owns the website has full rights to manage their own websites and offers directly (unless they have granted the intermediary a power of attorney). Adding an offer without the publisher’s consent violates our terms and conditions.

The direct login address is https://app.7link.ai/users/sign_in. However, to log in you must first register, accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

No. Our application currently services only business entities. To collaborate, you need to provide your NIP (tax identification number) and be able to issue invoices. PESEL is not required

We can delete this account and then you will be able to change the email on the other account.

The details are unchanged. The only difference in settlements is that you no longer send invoices by email but attach them into the application.

We accept payments to accounts in EUR, USD, GBP and also a Polish payment intermediary (TPAY) in PLN.