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Creating marketing content for websites, online stores, or sponsored articles demands a range of skills. It's not just about proficiency in written language.

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Our clients are highly diverse. They operate in niche and well-known industries, including sales, production, new technologies, tourism, fashion, and various services… You name it.

And our copywriters handle it all as well. They are experienced professionals who can create content in practically any field. Among other things, they have a degree in humanities and journalism, and are able to create engaging and informative texts, even on very specific and technical subjects. We also collaborate with individuals who hold medical, legal, and technical qualifications. They are exceptionally proficient in their respective fields and are considered experts.

Content creation

A copywriter must also understand the principles of SEO because the content they create will help to build the website’s position.

Furthermore, they must have the ability to effectively engage potential audiences, encouraging them to explore a store’s offerings, a company’s services, a website’s content, or guiding customers to choose a specific product from a multitude of similar options. Our copywriters meet these requirements.

We operate in various areas

Articles for company websites

Articles on company websites enable effective and clear presentations of your company and its offerings. This includes company descriptions, activities, products, and services, all presented in a way that encourages clients to choose your offerings.

Product copywriting

We specialize in creating sales-oriented, persuasive content for online stores and auction platforms. We understand how to stand out among the competition and effectively communicate to clients why they should choose your product.

Content for sponsored articles

We prepare articles about your company and its offerings and then publish them through our network of publishers. This comprehensive service helps you build your online presence and visibility.

Website content audit and optimization

We will assess your website to identify missing content and keywords, revise existing content or create new content that aligns with the intentions of internet users and search engine algorithms.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a writing approach that aims to create content that is user-friendly and search engine-friendly. It includes blog articles, guides, content placed on websites, product descriptions in online stores, and, of course, sponsored articles.

Currently, the vast majority of content prepared for online publication takes into account, or at least should take into account, not only its informational value and message but also content strategy and SEO principles.

Copywriting provided
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The content we create must not only appeal to readers but also take into account Google’s search engine algorithms.

Is it possible to write for both humans and unfeeling algorithms? Absolutely! Our 7Link copywriting team demonstrates this ability to our clients every day.

From simple sales text to comprehensive expert content, our copywriters understand how, for whom, and for what to write.


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